The benefits of having a blog

    Recently I was explaining a lot of people the benefits of starting a blog. Seems to me that people who are new to blogging see it simply as a way to express your thoughts. For many it is, but for most of the “world famous bloggers” is much more than that.

    A blog is a challenge that proves your business skills, your creativity, intelligence and dedication. A blog is a personality test for hard work and discipline. A full time business with the equivalent capacity to earn same amount of money as you would earn from a coffe shop for exemple, with a huge cut off investment.

    And believe me, if you put as much work in a blog as you would in any other big investment business you’re going to be awarded with quite simmular return of investment.

    I listed below few of the which I think are the biggest benefits of having a blog .

    1. Becoming part of a big community of people

    World famous blogger get personally in contact with more than 100 people a day. The list usually counts fans, employs, collaborators, guest bloggers, and other people interested in marketing on your blog. More than 1 million readers on your posts, uncountable comments replies,  hundreds of emails from fans and followers. All people interested to express their gratitude to you for their questions well answered and problems solved.

    Bloggers with more than 1 million monthly readers have at least 500.000 subscribers that can’t wait for their next post. All of them ready to share your vision around the world.


    2. Learning many aspects of life

    A good blogger as I said above would start a website site looking at it as a business instead of a hobby. Educating him self first on aspects like management, marketing, internet technology, customer service, and much more.

    Bloggers primary job is to inspire, entertain and answer questions related to different topics. And a good blogger has always the right answers, obtaining them thru extended researches that if frequently done raise his level of informations and make him a highly educated person.

    3. Having an influential position in society

    “A trusted by the readers blogger” can make you famous or destroy your career. Raise money to save a life or start a war. Destroy or promote a company and these are just few of the powers.

    4. Earning a lot of money

    Good blogger that have over 1 million visits per month earn over 1 million dollars a year. Some do it with advertising and Google Adsense, others with affiliate marketing and others by selling their ebooks.

    Darren Rowse from ProBlogger earn over $ 500.000 from Amazon Affiliate only.

    At number 1 from top 50 earning blogs is The Huffington Post with over $2,330,000 per month, if interested in this I invite you to check the others from the link above.

    5. Having allot of free time

    Some bloggers spent only couple of  hours working when others instead don’t work at all – They hire other people to write for their blogs. Big advantage for people who like travelling and spending more time with their family and friends.

    6. The privilege to work from anywhere around the world

    Many blogger spent much of their time travelling to deferent countries every week, tutoring workshops, giving speeches to events and still doing their blogging from their hotel room.

    The readers don’t care if you’re in Africa or India, as long as you have good quality content they will come to your site. You can do this job from anywhere in the world.

    7. Becoming famous

    Most bloggers are worldwide famous, being invited to shows and asked for interviews constantly. If you wanna become a blogger to give your life a deeper meaning and have your name remembered or just get girls or guys to love you choose the right thing.

    8. Improving character aspects

    Blogging is about discipline, hard work and dedication. Manny blogger claimed that they improved their quality of life and became better human beings. I think because blogging takes you away from the machine of society, taking you away much of the stress from a regular job, revealing you more meaningful aspects of life.

    9.   Selling your book & products

    Most blogger make their money by selling their ebooks on their sites. If your readers like your posts is more likely that they’ll be interested to buy your books and products that you love. People get to your site because they like your vision, your personality and whatever you thing is good as long as you’re honest about, they’ll think is good as well. Don’t ever take advantage of this for negative purposes.

    10. I want you to tell me

    I invite you all to share your experience and to write a comment with whatever you think is a benefit from blogging.

    Thanks for reading, I hope this post inspired you to put more effort on your blog.

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