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    1. It creates a more stable and trustworthy relationship between you and your readers.

    2. It gives you an email marketing advantage that helps you sell an online product. 

    3. It reminds your visitors to return to your blog whenever you send them an email. 

    The reason why I wrote this post on how to get subscribers is because I wanted to introduce you to some alternative methods of getting email subscribers rather than the “please subscribe” forms on 50 different positions on your blog”. And by this I mean: implementing indirect messages in your content.

    Before we dive into the methods I suppose you already know that giving away a free product or premium content is crucial before offering people to subscribe. Once you have your “bonus thing” ready to give away, your are ready for using the techniques listed below.

    1. Remind the readers that you give premium content and free products to subscribers only.

    2. Make an announcement about a special post or products you’re about to email to your subscribers.

    3. Talk about how important your subscribers are to you.

    4. Mention some of the previous premium content that you emailed to your subscribers. 

    5. Before the first paragraph add a note where you’re saying that you will email an extended version of this post or free related resources to your subscribers only.

    When using this methods to get subscribers be aware to never make any fake promises but try instead to give away something that you think is really going to help them improve their skills and knowledge for the best. Your subscribers are just like your friends, treat them so and you will have a fast growing audience and long term success.

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