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5 Things A-List Bloggers Do But Never Teach About

    First of all, I’m not trying to insult or judge anyone. This is simply my analysis of the things I noticed A-list blogger do but they talk little about. This post may hide few of the secrets of how they got their success.

    1. They target a main keyword

    Yes they do! Pat Flynn is pretty smart at this with his Smart Passive Income blog and number of other online business he runs. He simply targets a main popular keyword of small competition and starts building his blog around it. A good example of this would be the security guard niche site he did by targeting the keyword “security guard training”. This way he got all that visitors from google search without wasting any effort on promoting the site at all. 

    So, what all this clues are telling us? That A-list blogger not only rely on killer quality content but also on a smart SEO and keyword research analysis. Let’s move forward.

    2. They arrange interviews even when they’re not asked for.

    If you didn’t find a good blog thru search engines than you probably read about it in a magazine or watched some news interview.  Good bloggers don’t always wait for a call but they make them happen. If you have a success story don’t be afraid to call your local news and tell them about it. They’ll be very happy if they fill their program with an inspiring and interesting story.

    3. They sell their products by promoting their success story

    They all advise us to sell our own products but they never teach us how to get our costumers to buy them. The true secret behind is that the whole “being transparent with my income” method is the show behind that idea. Nobody would buy their products if the audience never hear about their success.

    So, always promote yourself as a success story! Even if you don’t made a lot of money, you must make your audience believe that your methods are generating great results.

    4. They work the triple of what they say

    I don’t know why they lie about this! Successful bloggers spent hours and hours of writing and making connections. Even when they’re not working o their blog they’re probably negotiating an affiliate link or watching on the competition or just checking their email.

    Many blogger would say “This is how much money I made last month and I worked only 2 hours a day! Bullshit! Success = amount of work, dedication and education you put in your business. Period.

    5. They create “author identity” by self promotion in almost 90% of their content.

    The common phrases regarding this subject that you will find on their blogs are:

    “My good friend from “an ultra successful blog” told me…”

    “My 10 years of experience thought me that….”

    “I made “a lot of money” in just 12 hours of my product launch…. ”

    “My life change after I started this blog…”

    Seems to me that they never forget to mention them self in almost all of their posts. But why? Because they want the reader to be jealous of their success! And buying their products seems like the best way for you to become happy as they are.  An excellent method actually to get a lot of traffic by “word to mouth” promotion. You heard that a guy made a lot of money on the internet and you tell your best friend (which is broke) about it.

    This is one of the best indirect marketing techniques hidden in the content that are very effective. Never forget to mention in your post on how happy you are after you started your online business.

    Wow, what great information you had here. If you have any other secret ingredients for successful blogging please share them in a comment.

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