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7 Ways To Earn 7 Figures From Your Blog

    I know it sounds like a fairy tale if you’re new to blogging but it’s true. Blogs with over 50.000 monthly visitors can earn up to 7 figures a year. Darren Rowse, Pat Flyn, Corbett Barr, Frank Kern, Mario Brown and thousands of others have proved that already.

    It is true that there are many methods of earning money from your blog but not all of them are so effective as they may sound at first. It all depends on choosing the right method for your niche.

    Before you start taking some actions on implementing some of the methods I’m about to reveal you need to explore the industry of your niche. Do that by searching for products related to your niche that are selling. See where those products are advertising and how many people buy those products or services. Once you determined that there’s a profitable market for your niche choose a strategy to become part of it.

    A short way to analyze the market is to visit ClickBank, commission junction or Google products and look for the top selling products from your niche.

    Ok so now you know what products or services are popular within your niche. This means that your blog is easy to be monetize. It’s time for you to start making some money.

    Selling AdSpace
    Google Adsense
    Affiliate marketing
    Your Products
    Couching & Consulting
    Paid Membership

    1. Google Adsense

    This is probably the easiest and fastest way to earn money without having to spend much time on making a marketing strategy. It’s also one of the most used methods within the most popular niches, and when used properly it could turn into a steady monthly income.

    What I don’t like about this method is simply the fact that you’re advertising for free to the 95% of your visitors that never click on the google ads.

    To do this you simply open an Adsense account, generate a code and paste it in your widgets. You will start earning within a few hours from the sign-up process.

    2. Affiliate Marketing

    If you’re not introduced to affiliate marketing this is the way it works:

    You provide a link from a product in your content that lead the visitors to a purchase page. If they buy the product you’ll get a commission of 10 to 30% depending on the affiliate agreement. Simple as that.

    These days there are many sites offering affiliate links of all kinds of products from different niches. The ones that I like are clickbank, commission junction and amazon affiliates.

    The best way to promote an affiliate product is by making a review post. A good reason for a review post (if you’re experienced with SEO) is all that visitors from search engines you’ll get when people type the product name + review in the search engines.

    It’s very important for your visitors to hear about your experience with the product. Never recommend products you didn’t purchased.

    If a review post isn’t the thing for you to consider a products page where you can list all the products that you use and recommend. It’s also a good way to make it simple for your visitors to find all the products you recommend on one page.

    3. Coaching & Consulting

    For many bloggers coaching is a large part of the cake of their income. If your blog provide education on a particular niche this method will work for you.

    The way it works is you charge a hourly fee for either direct contact or a video conference where you provide the informations and knowledge that the clients are in need for.

    Consider your experience before getting into consulting. You must have expert knowledge in all the areas from your niche and be well prepared to give solution to any problem.

    4. Your own downloadable product

    Finally we get to my favorite part. And if you’re good at this you can almost forget about all the other money making methods out there.

    Creating a product it’s a great way not only to make incredible profit, get recognition, authority and respect within your community but also to drive huge amount of traffic from the affiliate links pointing to your blog.

    Consider learning about product launch and email marketing before you decide to go with this method. Creating, advertising and launching a product it’s a whole craft that you must learn before you make some mistakes and start to blame yourself for failure. I recommend checking on Frank Kern for some education on the subject. I think he was the first guy that made 18 million dollars in the first 24 hours with a product launch.

    Depending on your niche you can choose from a large variety of downloadable products to create. I listed a few below.

    1. ebook
    2. Audio Book
    3. Video course
    4. plugins
    5. mobile app
    6. software

    5. Membership area

    If you think your content is of great value and you don’t want to give away all your knowledge and education for free you can create a membership area where you give your best premium content. This is a great way to create a continuity program and grow your audience.

    Before you offer a membership area have in mind that you should first give some of that content for free so that the buyer already know that you’re really able to help him and deliver great quality of education.

    6. Private Ad Sales

    If you have a large number of visitors to your blog this may be a good way to add to a steady monthly income. This method puts you in a position (in most cases) to seek for potential advertisers all by your self. The benefit from using this method is the contract for a determined period of time that you make which guarantees a secure income.

    7. Seminars & Speaking

    Not all bloggers favor this method but the ones that are using it seem really happy with the income. There’s seminars about online marketing out there that cost more that $2000 per person and sometimes with over 100 participants.

    If you think you can change people lifes and teach them your secret success methods, this may be for you. If you have a succefull story and you feel like you want to give something back you’re the right person for this method.

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