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From 0 To 50.000 Visitors In 30 Days

    I know how you feel. You invested all that effort in your blog, written all that content, worked on your design and SEO but still dreams didn’t turn out the way you thought. It’s OK. Every successful blogger has went thru the same shit! Including myself.

    The good thing is that if you fallow this post and actually start taking action after reading it you will be surprised with the results.

    Before we dive in to the methods I want you to visualize your success. Imagine your self as a successful blogger, living in your dream house, being part of a great community of online entrepreneurs and able to buy almost anything that makes you happy. I do this every day and it reminds me of how important to me my blog is for the future that I want to create.

    You must believe in your self! You are special and brilliant and what you do and create can reshape the world around you. All your failures in life are driven only by the lack of self confidence. Period.

    I call this “The 30 DAYS Gold Rush” because it takes a minimum of 30 days of effort to find a golden quality profitable audience.

    FROM DAY 1 TO DAY 10

    Roll up your sleeves and write some killer quality content for your blog.


    But I’m not a great writer!

    Yes you are! You just didn’t
    discovered that yet!

    Are you fucking with me dude?

    It looks like!:) But that’s not the point!

    The point is that writers are not born, they’re made. The only method to learn writing better is by writing. The more you write the more you gonna listen your inner voice and one day you gonna become that inner voice. At this point your writing it’s going to become a natural and easy habit. Trust me on this.

    The quality and quantity of your content is the foundation of your blog. It fully determents if the reader would share, like or recommend your blog to his friends. Which is the only natural way to attract great quality traffic.

    If your content sucks don’t be afraid to hit the “move to trash” button and try harder at writing some fresh stuff.

    Look at every new post as a new project. Dedicate your whole day thinking about the structure, the headline and the great information that you want to give away. Try to inspire, entertain and help.

    You have 10 days to write at least 10 epic articles that I want you to be proud of. Among this responsibility you should also improve all your social media accounts, the about me page, the subscribe form and the overall functionality of your blog.

    Design it’s also very important. Make sure your blog is easy to navigate, has a maximum of 2 to 3 colors and doesn’t distract the visitor from reading your content.

    I wrote you the detailed list below. Just to make it simple to remember.

    1. Write 10 epic posts with epic headlines
    2. Create or improve social media accounts
    3. Improve the “About Me” page content
    4. Put a subscribe form on your home page
    5. Check the functionality of your pages and links
    6. Install a cache speed optimization plugin
    7. Improve your website design by stealing ideas from the best
    8. Turn your blog subtitle in an inspirational quote

    FROM DAY 10 TO DAY 20

    It’s time to get social! And I’m sure you’re going to love this part for multiple reasons. First, because you’re going to surround your self with people that will move you a step forward on believing in the idea of ” Making A Living From Blogging”. And second because of all the support you’re about to get. People within our blogging community care a lot about each others.

    What should I do?

    Simply apply the advices
    I’m about to give you next…

    1. Comment on popular blogs as much as you can.

    Commenting on other blogs will not only give you a great link juice and rank you high in Search engines but it will raise the awareness of you’re presence in the community. If your comments are interesting and they’re pointing to represent your experience in the niche people will get more curious about you and occasionally they’ll fallow your website link. Subscribe to to blogs from your niche and try to be the first to comment.

    2. Interview a blogger you admire.

    Write an email to a blogger you admire asking him if he’ll do an interview for your website. Try to write from 5 to 10 questions that you really want to know the answer to. Make sure they’re original, interesting and inspiring. If the blogger loved the questions and the answers he gave he’ll link to the interview on his site. A great interview could also turn into a lifetime friendship.

    Another important reason for doing this interview is getting credibility within your community. People will start respecting you more because they’ll get an illusion that you have powerful connections. This will raise the chances of getting a guest post opportunity on popular blogs.
    3. Look for guest post opportunities.

    There are many forums, google+ communities and Facebook pages on guest post opportunities, join all of them and try to look for a good opportunity for you.

    For starters, you can use the following services to find places that accept guest posts:

    • MyBlogGuest
    • GuestBlogIt
    • BloggerLinkUp
    • BlogSynergy
    • Guest Blog Genius
    • Guestr
    • BlogDash
    • PostJoint
    • Copy for Bylines
    • Guest Blogging Websites
    • Fizz Niche
    • Technorati’s directory of blogs
    • Alltop
    • Google Blogsearch
    • Best of the Web Blogs
    • On Top List blog directory

    Once you decide to guest post on a blog be sure to check their page rank, backlinks, number of visitors, number of subscribers, social media activity, the authors bio and recent comments.

    4. Write complimenting emails to bloggers you admire.

    You never know what’s gonna happen from a simple email. This is how I think it should look like:

    Hey man!

    I’m really thankful of all the content you’re putting out there. You inspired me and helped me helped me achieve great results. I also run a blog about …..If you like my work I would be very happy if we could ever help each other…


    FROM DAY 20 TO DAY 30

    Write 10 killer quality guest posts and start emailing the blogs you targeted before. That’s it!

    Should I send them the entire
    post in my first email?

    No, only the headline with a
    short description and links
    pointing to your last guest post
    that got published.

    Keep in mind that your guest posts should promote your personality, experience and writing skills. In guest posting it’s all about indirect marketing. The readers should be willing to check the author bio section and if you grab their interest they’ll visit your blog. You can do this by mentioning some article you wrote of related subject.

    It’s always better to start by targeting the smaller blogs first and as you grow your audience start looking for more popular ones.

    The thing is that I don’t want this specific post to be about how to write guest posts but to teach you that it’s a powerful tool to get large audience if your posts are worth enough.

    To get sure you remember all the steps I made a list of the basics tasks below that you can copy & paste it to a text document.

    The Short List:

    FROM DAY 1 TO DAY 10

    1. Write 10 epic posts with epic headlines
    2. Create or improve social media accounts
    3. Improve the “About Me” page content
    4. Put a subscribe form on your home page 
    5. Check the functionality of your pages and links
    6. Install a cache speed optimization plugin 
    7. Improve your website design by stealing ideas from the best
    8. Turn your blog subtitle in an inspirational quote

    FROM DAY 10 TO DAY 20

    1. Look for guest blogging opportunities
    2. Do a background check of the targeted blogs
    3. Join the community by commenting 
    4. Write “thank you!” emails

    FROM DAY 20 TO DAY 30

    1. Write 10 original guest post
    2. Write a catching Author’s bio for yourself
    3. Start emailing your post headlines 
    4. Go viral and reply to comments

    Before I’m done writing this post I will encourage you to never give up in the process! I know is really hard work, but when you’ll succeed it will change your life for better. You will learn that your power it’s unlimited. Share your thoughts in comments below!

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