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What is BlueHost – Start a website with BlueHost the right way!

    You may be reading everywhere online about BlueHost hosting company that is been online since 1996 and still to this day is one of the best providers for web hosting. I’ve got a couple of messages on my email, about what is BlueHost, why you need them and what is used for.

    In this post, I’m will cover all the important questions about this web hosting and why you should consider using them for a brand new website.

    what is bluehost

    What is BlueHost?

    They’ve been founded in 2003 and are on the best web hosting services today. They are a trusted brand and they’ve been hosting over 2 million websites, with 900 thousand of them being blogs.

    You can click here and check the BlueHost homepage and their hosting plans.

    bluehost homepage

    One of the most impressive things about BlueHost is that they have a very educated and trained team of customer support. They’re one of the best and are available 24/7 for the customer. Being big in the hosting industry, allowed them to invest heavily in security. This way they provide some amazing features for even the cheapest plans on this hosting.

    They offer a range of solutions to help you start a website or eCommerce store, from web hosting, they offer cloud and WordPress hosting with a website builder tools.

    The company is focused on meeting the standards for every small business out there.

    How much does Bluehost cost?

    BlueHost shared plans

    The cheapest plan is the Basic plan, you can start a website with BlueHost for just $2.95 per month, and get a free domain name as well.

    You get an amazing deal for just $2.95 per month hosting, considering all the benefits BlueHost offers. I’ve seen domains selling for a price of around $15, and web hosting can cost you up to $10-12 per month with other web hosting brands.

    With BlueHost, you get a FREE domain name for one year, free SSL certificate, amazing security features with 24/7 customer support, and of course the 60% OFF on hosting.

    exclusive offer bluehost

    You can start with the Basic plan. Once your blog gets popular you can always upgrade later. Getting the longer plan will ensure getting the best price for hosting and not worrying about hosting bills in years.

    As your business grows, it may require more resources. In a matter of time, the number of visitors will be increased and maybe you will need to subscribe to a higher plan for having better features overall.

    BlueHost allows you to do this without any downtimes and you can upgrade within minutes.

    What is BlueHost used for?

    It allows you to host websites online, you can purchase domain names as well, to have a website online you need a place to host it and of course the domain name.

    Another impressive thing about BlueHost is that they offer a free domain name when you purchase hosting long-term. You can start a website with BlueHost by clicking here.

    Is WordPress included with Bluehost?

    Every Bluehost plan will provide you hosting, bandwidth, storage and many more. They come as well with one-click WordPress set-up. Everything is straightforward and completely easy to set-up.

    Creating and maintaining a website now is no longer a big issue due to a lack of knowledge of coding. Now with CSM and the various website builders, you can install a CMS platform within a minute.

    Is BlueHost a good web host?


    If a web hosting hosts over 2 million websites worldwide, they do something really good. They have unlimited resources and they invest heavily in new technology to make their servers fast and secure. A lot of large and small businesses trust this hosting company.

    It is extremely easy to connect WordPress with BlueHost, because the one-click installers, the customer support is amazing and your website is pretty much going only forward when you have a hosting that is trusted and respected.

    You should consider integrating your website with CDN providers like Cloudflare, that way you will get even better performance.

    What kind of support they have?


    They offer multiple ways of customer support. You can reach them with email, chat or by phone call. They are available 24/7, with very well educated agents.

    Refund policy and do they have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. It does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with them. The refund policy is guaranteed, you can consider this as a trial period. You can stay with them if you are satisfied, if you are not happy with them they will cancel your service and you will get a refund with no questions asked.

    Worth to note that there is no refund on the domain registration.

    Is Bluehost good for beginners?

    BlueHost cpanel

    You have amazing features on it, like managing your files, emails, upgrading to new services. It will allow you to work comfortably without any complications.

    BlueHost has been a very popular company for anyone starting and needing a trusted provider that will have all the basic things for starting a blog. They are most likely the top 3 most famous hosting companies. They are really simple and easy to use, the interface is simple and you can easily navigate within.

    Is BlueHost Good for small business?

    Yes, it is fast, reliable and safe web hosting. They offer phenomenal pricing and for $2.95 per month you can host one website, have 50 GB SSD storage with unlimited bandwidth and you get a free domain name. This is really cheap and good for any small business out there.

    Selecting the right hosting for small businesses may take some considerations. Your only goal is to get the best hosting for the right price. You’re considering multiple essentialities like maximum uptime, fast loading website, extra security, support. These are vital if you want to run a successful business online, for an affordable fee.

    Luckily, BlueHost has this covered and provides all of the above features.


    Hopefully, this post on what is BlueHost and what is all about helped you learn more about the company and what it stands for. If there is anything you think we missed, let us know in the comments below, I will try to update it for the future readers, so they will have more reviews about this web hosting.

    We believe that they are a phenomenal platform and it gives a huge opportunity for every beginner to start a website or a blog and improve their experience with a trusted platform like BlueHost.

    Click here to start your journey with BlueHost, if you haven’t already.

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