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Dreamhost vs SiteGround – One hosting comes out on top

    Ever wondered who is the better option for you, DreamHost or SiteGround? There are very well known in the hosting community and they have huge customer list and a huge percentage of happy customers.

    Today we gonna go to battle for DreamHost vs SiteGround and cover all important things you need to know.

    Dreamhost vs SiteGround – Hosting Plans

    Dreamhost Shared Hosting Plans

    DreamHost offers two shared hosting plans and shared hosting and mostly a lot of customers use.

    The plans are called Starter and Unlimited:

    Starter: You will get one website to host, Free Domain included, Unlimited Traffic, WordPress Pre-Installed, FREE SSL Certificate, and Fast SSD Storage. Price is $2.59$/month.

    Unlimited: You can host unlimited websites, Free Domain included, Unlimited Traffic, WordPress Pre-Installed, Fast SSD Storage with FREE SSL certificate. The price is $5.95/month.

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    SiteGround Hosting Plans

    They offer 3 Shared Hosting plans:

    StartUp: Perfect if you are beginner, you get one website to host, 10 GB Web Space and up to 10,000 monthly visits. The price is $3.95/month.

    GrowBig: In this plan you get to host unlimited websites, 20 GB Web Space and up to 25,000 monthly visits. The price is $5.95/month.

    GoGeek: In the GoGeek plan you get to host unlimited websites, 30 GB Web Space and up to 100,000 monthly visits. The price is $11.95/month.

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    Both of these websites have a lot of things in common. Both Hosting providers and strongly recommended by

    SiteGround allows its customers to choose their preferred data center when signing up for their service. Also, offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, risk-free.

    DreamHost founded in 1996, currently hosting over 1.5 million domains, are mostly known for their offer of having a 97-day money-back guarantee, risk-free.

    Dreamhost vs SiteGround – Speed

    Speed is one of the most important factors today if you want to run a successful website and business online.

    There are tons of hosting providers that speed is not their main priority, but for both DreamHost or SiteGround, they take this very seriously.

    Both DreamHost and SiteGround let everyone know about their super-fast performances on their servers.

    We tested both websites by adding one of our domains on each one of them for a test, and we got the following results:

    DreamHost: the website took 445ms to load according to Pingdom, and was rated A+ according to Bitcatcha.

    SiteGround: the other website we tested, took 649ms to load according to Pingdom, and was rated C according to Bitcatcha.

    So clearly the winner in this department here is DreamHost.

    Easy to use?

    While every single plan that SiteGround offers come up with cPanel that you can easily manage your websites, meanwhile DreamHost provides its own custom web-based control panel.

    I’m not a huge fan of DreamHost custom web-based control panel, so the winner here is SiteGround.

    Also, both of the hosting services offer 1-click installers to install any website scripts.


    Both hosting services have incredible features, so let me explain which one has better features.


    • 97-day money-back guarantee: this means you can test the plans for 97 days, and if you experience some really bad downtime, you can ask for a refund with no questions asked.
    • Hosting options: you will get managed WordPress Hosting, if you have a business that requires WooCommerce they offer that too, also offer VPS Hosting too, unlike SiteGround.
    • Automatic WordPress updates, this means you are in safe hands and DreamHost wants to take care of your business.


    • You can choose which data center: they offer 3 data centers so you can choose your preferred one.
    • High performance, amazing feature if you are using WordPress.
    • Geeky features: with their GoGeek shared hosting plan you have easy integration, 1-click installs, backups all the time, etc.

    Both of them have phenomenal features, but I would give the edge to SiteGround on this.

    Customer Support

    DreamHost offers live chat support 17hours daily, each day of the week. They offer to call back also, but you need to subscribe to this separately.

    SiteGround offers support 24/7 via live chat, email, and phone. Also, have extra documentation that you can use for everything and find all the answers yourself.

    So clearly, the winner is SiteGround with their 24/7 support.


    Now, after you read our comparison, our team believes that SiteGround is a better choice to host your business over DreamHost.

    This is mainly because DreamHost lacks customer support, not offering 24/7 customer support is a huge turn off for a lot of customers.

    Plus, if you wanna calls you may need to pay some extra for some subscriptions.

    SiteGround comes up with amazing features to run your business and websites. It is your choice at the end of the day.

    Hopefully, with this article, we helped you decide the best hosting service for your website, for more details, check our full SiteGround review or full DreamHost review.

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