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Fiverr SEO – Fiverr Backlinks

I’ve seen a lot of reports people saying you should not use Fiverr backlinks or any kind of SEO. This is not true, there are amazing gigs that you can use on Fiverr and have great results.

I will share the best gigs that I’ve used personally and you will see the kind of reviews they are getting.

Ranking on Google for low-comp keywords has never been easier. If you are trying to rank on google with monthly search 100-1k low comp, you don’t need any PBN links, you can pretty much rank with some Profile Backlinks, blog comments, Web 2.0.

I was able to rank low-comp keywords in 2 months and all of the credit goes to Fiverr.

A lot of people are not patient with ranking, Google ranking takes time and money too. I understand that most people have a limited budget, but you need a plan before throwing any money at SEO.

Don’t become greedy and start listing to every guy out there trying to sell you PBN backlinks.

Most of the time you don’t need, I use them for pushing only if you have a website stuck on the second page for a month.

First thing, you need to have an account on Fiverr, you can sign up here for one.

Fiverr is awesome for diversifying your links.

Here are some of the gigs are worth looking into and also see the reviews that they get on a daily bases.

Fiverr SEO Backlinks

Profile Links

Perfect for diversifying your links. Use them for naked URL, brand name or click here, read more here…
One gig that I use.

Video Links

Find a good video creating software so later you can order this gig from Fiverr to promote it with naked URLs.

Blog Comments

I like this gig a lot, perfect for getting some blog comments on your website.

High PA DA Links

I use this gig, perfect communication with the seller and have had results within 2 weeks from ordering.

Web 2.0 Backlinks

The guy does them manually, and he will give you the login for them. Use this gig for web 2.0. PM him for samples, he will provide you some samples so you can see what he is doing.

Final words

Now, at the final point PBN, so many people forget that PBN stands for Private Blog Network and not for Public Blog Network.

There are sellers that are selling PBN links really cheap and you can get your website penalized!

So you need to be careful and always ask for samples before ordering.

You should only use PBN for pushing your rankings and not to diversify.

Also, PBN’s can become costly especially if you wanna make one.

That’s why I would recommend finding a good seller that can provide quality results and push in top 10 with his links, after that you can stick with him and keep ordering his services.

People keep talking about to not use Fiverr SEO or Fiverr Backlinks, it is not true, they don’t know how to use it correctly.

But there are really great benefits from it because most of the people doing it automatically from an SEO software that paid over 2-3k$ so they can sell links from it, but that should not be the reason you don’t use Fiverr, there are also a lot of gigs that do all the work manually.

We all know how addictive passive income is.

Therefore having a website ranked in the top 10 after all the hard work you’ve done is an awesome feeling.

If you wanna learn more on how to start a blog, click here.

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