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Hostwinds vs BlueHost – Is there a clear winner?

    Choosing a web hosting can be very difficult, that’s why we created this Hostwinds vs BlueHost comparison. You will find out more about their pricing, speed, uptime and how their customer support cares about their clients.

    Hostwinds is founded in 2010, while BlueHost is founded in 2003.

    BlueHost is also one of the web hosting recommended by

    Both hosting companies offer a variety of services, we gonna analyze their pricing first.

    Hostwinds vs BlueHost Pricing

    Hostwinds vs BlueHost

    Hostwinds offer 3 shared hosting plans:

    • Basic ($3.29/mo) – Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, 1 domain to host.
    • Advanced ($4.23/mo) – Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, 4 domains to host.
    • Ultimate ($5.17/mo) – Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited domains.

    hostwinds vs bluehost features

    The features above are what everything is included in all their hosting plans. SSD, 1-click installers, FREE SSL, free website migrations, etc.

    HostWinds Button

    bluehost vs hostwinds

    BlueHost offers 3 shared hosting plans:

    • Basic ($2.95/mo) – You get to host one website, 50 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth,  Free SSL certificate.
    • Choice Plus ($5.45/mo) – You get to host unlimited websites with unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage, plus you will get Domain Privacy and protection and Site Backup – CodeGuard basic.
    • Pro ($13.95/mo) – All the benefits from other plans, plus High-Performance hosting, 2 Spam experts, Domain privacy + protection, Site Backup – CodeGuard basic and Dedicated IP.

    You will also get $100 in Microsoft advertising and $100 for Google ads if you use BlueHost.

    BlueHost button

    Hostwinds vs BlueHost Speed

    Having a website that is really fast is crucial if you wanna have success with the google search engine. Their algorithm is optimized to find the fastest websites and push them higher in the rankings.

    Recent studies have shown that if the website took longer than 3 seconds to load, visitors leave. So you want to have a fast hosting service that offers SSD’s storage. Both web hostings offer SSD storage for their shared hosting.

    I’ve personally tested some of my websites that are hosted on Hostwinds and BlueHost.

    I’ve gotten around 0.6s on HostWinds and 0.9s on BlueHost.

    RandomBoss is hosted on HostWinds and I’ve tested it with GTMetrix (the best) and got the following results:

    hostwinds speed on gtmetrix

    That is faster than 96% of the tested websites. So you can go with either one Hostwinds or BlueHost if you aim for speed.

    Tip: always use to compress your images before uploading them to your website.


    Having a phenomenal uptime on a website is crucial as well. Imagine your website is only up 20 hours per day. You lose visitors and leave money on the table.

    Both BlueHost and HostWinds have phenomenal uptime of 99.9%. Also, Hostwinds offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee to its customers.

    How easy to use?

    Both Hostwinds and BlueHost offer cPanel for managing your files, domains, and data.

    BlueHost is using its own design for it, while HostWinds offer the standard one.

    It is really easy to start a website with both platforms, offering one-click installs for any script (WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal).

    It is a draw when it comes to easy to use aspect.

    Customer Support

    This is one of the most important things if you are just starting your online journey.

    Having a hosting that offers 24/7 support for their clients is crucial. Mostly because there are a lot of things that can go wrong with WordPress. You may not be up to date with your plugins, themes or WordPress. It is much easier for malware to attack your website.

    If there is a need for a delete of malware contacting support to fix those problems is a must.

    Luckily both Hostwinds and BlueHost offer 24/7 support via live chat, email or phone. They also have a knowledge base, where everything is explained about hosting.

    HostWinds Support

    The agents on BlowHost and Hostwinds are super friendly and always want you to help you instantly.

    Took a few seconds to get a response, that means their agents are professionals.

    hostwinds chat agent

    Even the chat pop itself and there is always an agent available.


    Hostwinds offers free migrations from your old host, while BlueHost charges $150 to move your website from another host.

    Within a couple of hours, your business will be restored to HostWinds with no downtimes as well.

    This is important if you bought bad hosting and you see there is no 24/7 customer support and the website is slow and it is down a lot.

    Hostwinds vs BlueHost Conclusion

    Before writing this review, I thought that BlueHost will have the edge over HostWinds.

    But judging their pros and cons I see HostWinds as better hosting than BlueHost.

    But both are reliable hosting at affordable prices. They are always up to date with everything and have amazing features.

    If you already own a website and want to move it to a new host, make no mistake with using Hostwinds.

    If you didn’t have a website and wanna start with the right one, go order a domain name from Namecheap, and start hosting it BlueHost.

    BlueHost is slightly cheaper per month, so if you are a beginner and on a budget, it can be the right choice.

    Check our detailed guide for HostWinds here, and for BlueHost here.

    Hopefully, you loved our Hostwinds vs BlueHost comparison.

    Click here for the best deal with HostWinds.

    Click here for the best deal with BlueHost.


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