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How to make money on Instagram – Making money on Instagram

You can make a decent living by having Instagram accounts working for you. Today I will cover ways that you make money on Instagram easily.

If you are just starting on Instagram it is fine, there are still ways that you can grow your Instagram account I will share ways on how to do it and how to make profits.

Instagram started as an image-sharing app. Seeing the progress they made in a short time, Mark Zuckerberg decided to buy it for a small price of billion dollars.

He saw the potential early on Instagram, and the next one that needs to see it is you.

There are tons of business that currently exist because of Instagram, a lot of famous models are earning huge amount of money just for doing shoutouts for big companies for supplements, tea, clothing. A lot of businesses use Instagram to make money.

What is the hardest part to do on Instagram? Growth!

A lot of people are struggling with this and they give up so quickly because they don’t have 10k followers in the first 10 days. Don’t be that guy. Traffic may be the hardest to get on your website, but on Instagram, you need to be seen. The first thing you need to do is to decide on what niches you wanna enter, sign up an account, confirm verification and phone number and find a decent name that can be attractive to the public. Post 2-3 times a day, and it is must that content needs to be high quality.

I have made a video on how to grow your Instagram Account safely with a platform called They are offering a lot of services for really cheap, you can post photos, stories, albums, you can also follow, unfollow people from your favorite Instagram accounts their followers. You can send DMs, repost photos. Everything is explained in the video below:

How to make money on Instagram – What do you need to build?

To be successful online and on Instagram, you need a long long list of followers. Having engaging followers is awesome because they will like and comment on everything you post and promote.

This means that you can build more leads to soles. website has all the tools that you need to like photos in your niche, following the same people, doing giveaways.

Providing a link to your blog

When you share photos or videos always make sure to add your website in your caption. Currently, Instagram does not allow clickable site links, the users will just re-write it to visit the link in their browser.

Quality Images and Videos

This is really crucial if you want to have a successful Instagram account. If you want to improve your chances of selling digital or physical products, you need to have high-quality photos and videos. Check for example how Lego posts Instagram photos and videos with amazing graphics.

How to make money on Instagram

Must involve followers

Most of your followers are willing to engage with you and make photos with your product or service. You can let them know that they can share their experience in a video or photo form with your product and share it on their account. In exchange, they can get a small reward, discount or maybe a shoutout from you.

Organizing events

You see it all the time, a lot of time the most popular accounts do a giveaway. What they say, like the photo, follow this account and share on your story and feed on your account and get a chance to win this giveaway. Imagine 1000 followers doing that. You can easily grow your Instagram followers by giving away products or other contests.

Having influencers

Knowing celebrities or big following accounts in your niche, you are very lucky. You can always reach them and let them know about sharing your brand on their profile. You can make a deal per shoutout or per sale. There are tons of accounts that sell watches on Instagram that they don’t own, but earn a commission per sale.

You can always make a good living on Instagram if you are dedicated and want to start making money on Instagram. Other than your Instagram account, you may need domain name and hosting. Luckily for you, I have good deals for you. You can purchase a domain name from Namecheap for around $10, and hosting that domain on BlueHost for $2.95 a month.

Being professional

You need to be professional when it comes to Instagram, this is business you will be running.

There can be a lot of angry customers if the order took longer to be delivered, but as an influencer, try not to ignore your followers this is one of the easiest ways to burn bridges. This can also mean demanding free products from other businesses.

Fake followers

Please don’t ever try to buy fake followers, this can hurt your business and your engagement. And it is called fraud now.

Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags have been on social media since 2007. They work really well when it comes to Instagram, they will allow you up to 30 hashtags per post. But it is too much.

I usually use 5-15 hashtags depends on the niche.


Having a good caption on your post can do only good things for your profile.

You will get phenomenal engagement and by doing this your following will grow.

Here is a good example of a great caption:

How to make money on Instagram

Now with the fun part:

How to make money on Instagram

There are a few methods that you can make money using Instagram, and I’m going to cover them in today’s article.


This can be a huge moneymaker if done right. There are a lot of ways you can make it happen. There are accounts in dog/cats niche that sell $100/hr per shoutout, and these accounts have 500k+ followers. You can be put on a waiting list because there are too many people purchasing shoutouts, so they don’t want to lose connections with their followers too.

For a 100k followers account you can charge $10/hr shoutout. 10 people today that is 100$ day. There are plenty of websites that offer buy/sell shoutouts. Once you reach big number of followers you should not question anymore if can you make money on Instagram.

Here are few:


This works great for Youtube but can be done with Instagram as well. You need to have a website like your account or similar, and if you have over 30k followers you can easily make 500$ a month with them telling them to click the link in bio for your article that has Google Adsense on it. This can be hard work but can be done. Letting your followers know to click on the link in bio in the caption and you have can have great success driving 500 people daily on a post.



I have had a lot of success doing this back in the early days when not a lot of people were doing this. Started with Fileice then transferred with CPAGrip and OGads for mobile traffic. I’ve made posts regarding this, you can read my CPAGrip review here and you can read my OGAds review here if you decide to give them a go.

This is a really good method to make money, especially with Instagram there a lot of people that do this and make a bank.

You can ask your followers to complete an offer like email submit or install a game app and in reward, you can give them an ebook something like how to teach their dog to not bark.


Usually, there are low payout offers (email submit or installing a game) somewhere around 0.50-1.50$ per install, but if 100 followers of your account want to teach the dog to not bark, boom you made 100$. There are also other offers like pin-submit that work really well and these are high paying offers for some countries like France, Belgium, Swiss, Germany and so on. On these offers, you can make 10-30$ if your visitor completes an offer.

Also, I need to mention, Instagram and Facebook don’t love this kind of offers so always use a website and telling your followers to click here or have a button that will redirect them to the offer. Your account may be in danger if you use to redirect them directly to the offer.

Affiliate Marketing

This can be done similarly like CPA, have a website or Weebly site that you can use to redirect to the offer. You can find plenty of affiliate offers on ClickBank, you can make a video review on some product and upload on Instagram and let your followers click the link in bio to check it out!

Instagram doesn’t have clickable links in posts, but in your bio, you can put a website there. Companies that offer affiliate products are ClickBank, Amazon, ShareASale, etc.

Make sure to post about products that can easily connect with your followers. Posting products that are outside of your niche can earn you nothing but people unfollowing your profile. Don’t ask me how I know.

Make sure to promote products that you can buy yourself first.

Do a bit of research on your competition, check what they are doing and what they are selling, you can implement some of their tricks and if you can do it better than them, do it.


Sell Products

One of my favorites. Having a niche website with hungry traffic is the best. I have a Shopify store made and I have an Instagram account with over 100k+ followers that grows daily. I post the product video or image on my Instagram and let my followers go to the link in the bio to purchase it after they purchase it I order the product from AliExpress and send it to their address. Works like a charm. You need 5 people to purchase to 15$ product, you order it from AliExpress for 2$, and that day you made 65$ in profits.

I have had made an article on how to make money with Shopify, you can read it here.


You can become an influencer by joining Snap Fluance. This is a service that will connect you to a brand. This is for bigger Instagram accounts with a bigger following. Mobile Media Lab is another service that can connect you with brands. I’ve seen a claim that if you have over 200k followers you can potentially make up to $7000 month.

Valuable username

If you have a brandable or highly valuable username someone might contact you and offers to buy it. There are plenty of people that make usernames like that and hold on them and sell them later on for a few thousand dollars.

Connecting YouTube with Instagram

Youtube is a phenomenal platform that a lot of money can be made there as well. There are one billion hours of video content that is watched by Youtube every single day.

So how to connect your Instagram with Youtube? Tease your audience with short video stories about your new content on Youtube. There are a lot of YouTubers that usually post a photo of them-self crashing their guitars or phone, then tell you to go to watch it on youtube.

A lot of musicians also do this, they post a song trailer and tell you to go stream their full song with the link in bio. This is a great way to announce new content. You can easily connect Instagram followers with your Youtube video. You get the benefits from both platforms.

How to make money off Instagram – Conclusion

Instagram can be very lucrative for yourself if you do the right things. You need to do the work at the start. Once the followers start rolling in, things can become easier and you can shift your focus by providing better quality photos, videos or products. You need to start building your audience now.

There are phenomenal tips on how to start making money on Instagram.

You shound’t question yourself anymore on how can you make money on Instagram. If you already have a following and never done anything to monetize it, there are ways above that you can use and scale it and make a great income for yourself. Can be a huge moneymaker if you have a large following, selling shoutouts is maybe one of the best ways for a large following, I’m already building 100s of Instagram Accounts.

I hope this article helped if you think I missed something or I need to cover in another post, comment below! Cheers

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