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How to be a Freelancer – 8 Steps for Successful Freelancing

    This will be a complete guide on how to be a freelancer and do it successfully. Almost every company needs to be online to promote their services.

    These companies may need services like content writing, SEO work, graphic design, content posting on social media, etc. This is where you can come into play, and offer your services to these companies.

    In this blog post, you will find out what it takes to be a successful freelancer.

    How to be a Freelancer

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    How to be a freelancer?

    Before you read this blog post, you need to know the meaning of freelancing. A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.

    You can use your skills to help someone else online on their business and get money in return. This is freelancing, and you can earn quite good money with it.

    Most businesses online are so busy with their schedule that they don’t have enough time to make details of anything. So, they hire freelancers for specific tasks, and the freelancers would help them scale their business.

    Types of freelancing:

    Freelancing is not limited to any particular area. It has hundreds of fields depending on what is your niche and what kind of what you are willing to do.

    • Content writers
    • Academic Writing
    • Graphics Designer
    • Web Development
    • Transcription
    • Voice over
    • Education and training
    • Reviewer
    • Data Entering

    And of course many more.

    World-wide platform:

    The good think about freelancing is that there are no limits. You can work from any country worldwide if you have a laptop and network connection. There are millions of opportunities and you just need to explore them.

    Why you need this?

    freelance goals

    If you wanna be a freelancer, you definitely wanna aim high in life and have goals for yourself. Freelancing can improve your life and earn you money as well.

    You can forget going to work every day and be stuck in traffic, working with people that you don’t like. We all know that 9-5 jobs not gonna cut it when it comes to making money. You can make money on your own, and you can travel to the places you always wanted.

    This article will be able to guide you about how to be a freelancer, and what things you need to start successfully.

    Basic requirements:

    If you are going to start any work, you should know what you need for that work first. In freelancing as I mentioned there are many fields so there are some tools for each specific field.

    Suppose if you are a graphic designer you must be good at designing photography or illustration. If you are a content writer then you are a person that can help blogs with writing content for a specific audience.

    If you are a good fitness writer, then you can search for fitness blogs and help them with content.

    Make a portfolio (website):

    This is very important and I can’t stress it enough. If you want to build a reputation about yourself that you are authority in a certain field, you need to create a website portfolio. I’m not talking about those free Weebly or blogpost subdomains, I’m talking about a real .com or .info website for yourself.

    If you have a portfolio website, you will already ahead of 95% of your competition. If some business asks for a specific task for example content writing, and you send them your website where it is included the work you’ve done, who you are, and this will show that you are a serious freelancer and you can help them with their business.

    How to start a portfolio website?

    bluehost homepage

    BlueHost will give you a FREE domain name (.com, .net, .info, etc) with FREE SSL certificate, amazing security features with 24/7 customer support and 60% OFF on hosting, and it will cost you as little as $2.95 per month. This is a deal that you don’t want to miss.

    Click here to get the RandomBoss special.

    The cool part about this offer is that it is not available to the public, and you will get $175 worth of free money that you can spend on Google and Bing ads, additionally to the free domain.

    You can use your personal name and then add .com or .info to it, avoid numbers and hyphens because they are difficult to remember.

    Read articles:

    The next step is to explore other people. See their point of view and give yours in return.

    Check what your competition is doing and how you can improve your freelancing work. Look for the competition how they promote themselves so you can get ideas on what to do.

    Be active on social media:

    Make yourself active on social media and write about trending issues and topics. Make yourself better. Try to think about the pros and cons of everything. Explore what people want. What type of content they want. Read samples and observe the writing style of everyone you find. But REMEMBER not to copy them because your content should be plagiarism-free.

    The best Social Media you should be on as a freelancer is LinkedIn, this social media is all about businesses and freelancing. Instead of doing TikTok videos, you can make content for LinkedIn and be helpful to your connections there.


    There are many platforms online like Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr where you can just upload your work and show it to others.

    Upwork or Fiverr is great for beginners where you can grow much easier if you do quality work. From the most gigs on Fiverr where I order they handle 100s of words and are making over $2000 month easily.

    Quora or Yahoo Answers are good places where you can go and answer people’s questions. You should provide an extensive answer and at the end put your website URL so they can go to your website. Make sure to not overdo it and spam your links all over Quora because you may get suspended for 2 weeks.

    Market your brand:

    Create a brand new Facebook account where you don’t have any of your friends there, you can only use it for freelancing.

    Put good cover and profile photo with yourself and laptop and join Facebook groups that are in your niche. This account should be strictly for your freelancing career and you post only relevant content related to your niche.

    People can easily reach you and make it simple. Provide a good description in your bio and let them know who you are and what you do.

    Getting the first client:

    If you offer high-quality it will be easier to get the first client. First of all, you need to build trust in the market. You must have low rates at the start.

    Once your work is recognized, you can then raise your prices. Your work should be unique and clients will recognize that.

    It is important to price yourself for the value that you will deliver, and do not compare yourself to other competitors.

    Client relationship:

    Your relationship with clients should always be professional and polite. You need to take care of clients so they can care for you. It is important to be patient when they criticize or complain, that’s how you will grow.

    Client’s satisfaction:

    It should be your very first priority to not disappoint any client. Remember that a single client can bring you a lot of other clients.

    He recommends you, give you ratings and praise your work. There should be a strong bond between you and your client.

    Be a learner:

    Do not ever think that you know each and everything, learn from everything that you see, listen or observe. Try to learn from every project and not to do the same mistakes in the future.


    These are the top-paying freelance skills on


    You can be in one of them. Just you have to focus on your goals, polish your skills and you will get there.

    Plagiarism is very bad:

    If you want to be a freelance content writer, make sure to always provide 100% hand-written content. Do not use any spinner article websites and deliver bad content work.

    You could easily be spotted and you can get bad reviews on Upwork or Fiverr.

    Do not copy other people’s content and paste it on your website. Copying any type of work and idea of anyone is called plagiarism. As content is someone’s property and stealing property is bad.

    Beware of scams:

    There will always be scams online because people are still learning how online marketing still works. Recently on my email inbox, I got a message to reset my Instagram Password, I was gonna do it till a saw that domain didn’t have the brand on it.

    When it comes to freelancing, there are scammers that will break the deal and take the work you’ve done and will not pay you, make sure you only work with people that have real accounts with real photos.

    Conclusion: How to be a Freelancer

    After reading this, are you now ready to be a freelancer? You should be unique from your competition. You should build a portfolio website and you will already have bigger authority than them, here is a blog post on how to start a WordPress blog portfolio.

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    While everyone else plays games and watches Netflix, try to do something unique for yourself. Build an online brand for yourself and have a mindset that you can help people with your skills, not only to make money.

    Opportunity and determination go side by side. You should be consistent in your field. One day you will see your name on the top-rated freelancers.

    The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope. ― Barack Obama

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