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How to Build a Personal Brand [Complete Guide for Personal Branding]

    In this blog post, we will discuss how to build a personal brand and how to present yourself online in the best possible way. The best steps on how to monetize it as well so you generate income.

    No matter what you doing, you need to build a personal brand. I know some of you are just starting out, and you have nothing to share or anything to brand, but you are building a personal brand no matter what. You are on social media and put posts on what you eat for dinner, or what did you do at the weekend.

    how to build a personal brand

    This blog post is all about learning how to create a personal brand and how to make money as well. We already on social media and we produce content every day, so why not put a bit more effort and put more content out there and can benefit from it in the future.

    What is a personal brand?

    It is how you promote yourself. Your unique skills, experience, and personality that you want the world to see in you. Sharing your own story, and how will refect your behavior and attitude.

    Perfect for freelancers and entrepreneurs

    Building a personal brand is perfect if you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, you will build authority and people will trust you, you will put out content and make money as well.

    It works great if you want to be a personal trainer or you want to start own business, it is all about networking and meeting other people, and the best place to do it online because everyone is online.

    The most important thing is to build an audience, position yourself as an expert, and start attracting the right clients for your business. Your personal brand will stand out from the competition, and it will help to form a great impression in the mind of the audience. You can think of people like Tony Robbins, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk or Robert Kyosaki. These men are so popular and they’ve built big personal brands over the years.

    They use their personal brands to increase their business exposure and get more customers for their companies.

    It is all about providing content and providing value to social media and making yourself known which has so many benefits.

    It’s important to build a personal brand because it’s the only thing you’re going to have.Your reputation online, and in the new business world is pretty much the game, so you’ve got to be a good person. You can’t hide anything, and more importantly, you’ve got to be out there at some level.

    – Gary Vaynerchuk

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    What are the benefits of personal branding?

    • Earning trust and authority
    • Get featured more online
    • Building your own network
    • Getting more clients
    • Price your products premium
    • Create something that will last

    These above are really important if you want to be a successful personal brand. If you know how to provide extremely valuable content, you will earn trust and authority from your audience and then you can sell premium products to them.

    The first person who comes to my mind is Elliott Hulse, I’ve watched a ton of his videos on YouTube regarding workouts and dieting, and now he has a course grounding camp which he charges up to $2,000. He built something big and promoted himself very well.

    1. Choose your niche

    Firstly, before you do anything, you need to choose your niche and target audience. You might already be reading this and you already a business, but wanna build your personal brand so you can get into entrepreneurship.

    Work out which is your niche and the target audience to know what kind of content you need to put out on social media. You need to know always know who you are aiming at.

    There is already so much content online and so many small businesses are getting into social media, you need to build a personal brand to connect to people’s faces so they can trust you.

    You need to pinpoint exactly who you are targeting. It will be a probably bad idea to start a personal brand about wealth for example. You need to narrow it down more.

    Wealth -> Make Money Online -> Digital Marketing -> Affiliate Marketing.

    Health -> Nutrition -> Food -> Keto,Vegan or Carnivore diets.

    This is more chance to be successful when you narrow it down if you focus on Keto diet and you offer a course on Keto diet from Keto expert it is perfect. You have a bigger chance of people wanting to purchase the course from you.

    The riches are in the niches. A famous quote in the marketing world. A niche is a very targeted service or product that will fill a need that is either essential or desired.

    2. Build a presence

    When you first start, focus on the three main ones, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. They are the biggest audience and are the best ones to build your platform. There are other platforms as well, but you don’t want to spread yourself too thin.
    When you first start with Facebook, start with a professional personal Facebook account, as soon as people get in on the page, they know what you are about and what you account is all about.

    The Facebook profile picture and cover need to be related to your niche. No need for photos of food or other things that don’t see what your niche is about.

    If you are in digital marketing, you need to put the photo for example with your laptop and have professional photos. You can take a picture with your laptop when you are working, and you can create them on

    Make sure to have a great intro on your Facebook account as well. Firstly, go to groups that are in your niche, and then add them as friends. You will build a group of people that are in your niche.

    I would avoid a Facebook fan page and would go to create a group as well. They get pretty good engagements as well. You can use the group as a personal brand and promote your content around the niche.


    Put your name in the youtube channel art, put your name as a youtube name. You can create a perfect channel art on as well. Put some effort every time you publish a new video, but a great and long description, this way can have a bigger chance to rank on google as well.

    One thing I love about Youtube that you can rank your videos pretty quickly it can take maybe a few days to see yourself in the top 10 in youtube searches, while blog posts on Google can take months.


    Make sure you have a caption on what you are doing and aim at your target audience. Instagram gets harder and harder to grow every year, that’s why it is important to provide better content so you can attract the right audience.

    Use hashtags and always post quality photos or videos.

    I have a nice guide on Instagram, you can check it here.

    3. Provide value

    If you want to build a big personal brand, that the people will trust and believe, content that they will like it, share it and engage with it, the thing you need to do first is to provide value, give as much value as much as you can for free.

    Information is out there, you need to just put it out there. The majority of the time you don’t want to be selling anything. You need to post lifestyle content around your niche. If you have any screenshots about customers you helped, you can post that content so other people can see that you are giving results as well.

    Everything you post should be aimed at your audience that will provide as much value.

    4. Collaborate

    Anyone with a good personal brand, you can see they collaborate with other people in their niche. You can see with Gary Vaynerchuk or Grant Cardone. They all collaborate with people, both audiences will find out about each other. It is a win-win for both.

    You can collaborate with people that are on the same level as you, you can comment on their youtube video or Facebook posts or Instagram as well.

    You can think of collaborating with people on different levels as well, you can add value to their Facebook groups and providing value to their audiences.

    Collaboration is really important.

    5. Monetize

    The last step and the least important thing you need to worry about. You need to do the steps above before you worry about this. For example, Youtube stopped letting people under 1,000 subscribers to monetize their content. They want you to promote value first, then once you get an audience more than 1,000 subscribers, you can sign-up for ads.

    You need to show what you are talking about, build trust then you can start monetizing it.

    For example, if you are making videos on youtube about the keto diet, you can make 3-4 videos that provide value (morning routine, what food you eat daily) and then in the next video, still providing value but you can put a link in the description about a program that worked for you that you lost weight using it.

    That program can come from Clickbank and you can be an affiliate for it. If someone buys the program using your link, you will get compensated at no extra cost on the buyer. This is called affiliate marketing.

    Gary Vee has a good saying – Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. The right hook is when you give your audience an offer. Provide value then add your affiliate link, never tell your audience to buy this or buy that, and do not overdo it.

    Only post content that you know work, and you trust yourself.

    What else you need?

    Set-up a personal website.

    Having a personal website is really important. You need to set-up one that you can have full control over. Yeah, social media is important but you don’t have control of the social platforms that you establish a presence.

    For example, a popular YouTuber Steven Crowder (louder with crowder) got demonetized on youtube because it usually talks about controversial topics. Youtube decided to stop ads on his channel, so that’s why he created his own platform called MugClub, where his listeners can listen to his topics for $97 yearly.

    That is a genius way to make money and redirect your listeners from youtube to your own platform.

    Your website will be under your control, and it will be a step ahead for your audience to become a client as well.

    Make your website simple so your audience can understand what you do and how to help them. They should know that they are in the right place.

    How to start a website?

    bluehost homepage

    BlueHost is the easiest way to start a brand new website. For just $2.95 a month, you will get a FREE domain name, FREE SSL, 24/7 customer support and 60% OFF on hosting. A deal that you don’t want to miss.

    The coolest part is that you can $175 worth of freebies including free money to spend on Google and Bing ads, additionally to a free domain name. Click here to get the RandomBoss BlueHost special.

    Take this into consideration:

    • Choose a .com domain name, it is easier to remember.
    • You can use your full name as a domain name. 2-3 words max.
    • Avoid numbers and hyphens.
    • If your full name is already purchased, use name +

    Once you build your website, consider:

    • Getting a professional logo, you can use Fiverr.
    • Add your social media accounts to your website.
    • Add testimonials
    • Clear call-to-action
    • Add about page or my story
    • Contact page

    I have a full guide for you if you want to check out on how to start with Bluehost. Check it out by clicking here.

    Focus on high-quality content & consistency

    If you want content marketing to work, you need to be focused on providing quality content and be consistent with it. MilesBeckler started a youtube channel and he made quality videos for digital marketing. 90 videos in 90 days.

    He has over 100k subs now and it is earning close to $30k from his Youtube channel alone. It is a long-term play, and it can pay great dividends over time. You can make a great passive income.

    You don’t need to go that far and post 90 videos in 90 days, you can post content on your Instagram twice a day, you can post videos on youtube 3 times a weekly, and you can create a great habit of this as well.

    How to Build a Personal Brand: Conclusion

    People need to know who you are and what you do in the most simple way possible. Keep it simple. You should be able to brand yourself in 5 words or less. – Grant Cardone.

    Building a personal brand now is important because it was never a better time to be an entrepreneur. Technology allows us to build brands online and sell services to the audience.

    If you are an online business, you will have a ton of competition. If you are a personal brand you will not. You are 100% unique and you will tell your own story.

    It is one of the most powerful ways to market yourself, and you can see the difference in the first couple of months instantly if you are consistent.

    Instagram, Facebook, Youtube are the most powerful social media right now, maybe later after you get more known, you can start with Pinterest as well. Pinterest is great if you are a girl and you need traffic instantly.

    Hopefully, you liked this blog post on how to create a personal brand, let me know if I missed anything in the comments below.

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    Be yourself because everyone else is taken. A great and powerful quote for everyone ready to start a personal brand.

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