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Best 6 Seo Tips for you to Rank Higher on Google [Explained]

In this blog post, we will talk about the best SEO tips to help you rank higher on Google and other search engines as well. When you first start posting content, you are competing with a lot of brands, ads, snippets of other competitor products, and sometimes even Youtube videos.

We will talk about increasing your chances to rank higher in search engines and making your blog or website more SEO-friendly so you would be able to rank in the top #10 easily.

seo tips for you to rank higher on google

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1. Loading Speed – Hosting

So much overlooked by many bloggers. Speed is now one of the most important tips to rank higher on search engines. If you have a blog post that loads under 1 second, and your competitor has a blog post that loads in 10 seconds, Google will always favor you.

If you are using a cheap hosting ($10/yr) I would HIGHLY advise you to start using web hosting like Hostwinds or SiteGround.

Hostwinds is perfect if you own less then 5 websites, it has good pricing, and I use it personally. They have incredible customer support and are one of the most underrated web hostings today.

SiteGround is great for people who own more websites, but it is a bit pricy. You get a perfect deal with them if you pay for a 3-year deal. If you pay upfront for 3 years for their biggest GoGeek plan, you will pay $11.95/month for 3 years, and after 3 years are done, you will start paying $34.95/month.

Also, Hostwinds will give you a free domain for any of their web hosting plans, while SiteGround does not.

blog seo speed

I use Hostwinds for, and I was able to get 0.6s of fully loaded time with

If getting more search traffic is important to you, get a better web hosting for your blog or website.

2. Mobile Optimization

I’ve seen something that Google is now 50% of mobile searches. If you don’t optimize your website for mobile, Google will know it and it will not give you any push in the search rankings.

Google cares about giving the best experience on websites that are browsed on mobile phones, so make sure your website is readable on mobile devices or tablets.

Make sure that people don’t need to zoom in to read your text, you can start a test with Google mobile-friendly test by clicking here.

page is mobile friendly

I’ve tested my blog, and I got that my page is mobile friendly.

Here is another look from my phone how it looks:


Everything is pretty clear, and very well optimized. Mobile experience needs to be well optimized the same way as it is for desktop.

What you can do?

  • Make sure that your elements are not too big or too small.
  • Use themes that are responsive and mobile optimized. You can get the best-paid themes from StudioPress.
  • Follow Google guidelines and test them with a mobile-friendly tool. It will show what errors you have and how to properly correct them.

There is another impressive website for testing different mobile screen and tablets, put your Website URL in and click Check It.

You will see how your website looks on every phone and tablet.

3. Optimize your Blog for Voice Search

I know that this is maybe weird for you, but you need to 1 out of 5 searches are voice searches.

Big tech companies keep releasing AI assistance like Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana and that’s why you need to optimize your content to be better founded by these digital assistances.

How to optimize your content?

Start writing more content on topics like How to, What is, How much. Mostly the voice searches are questions so you need to write good posts about this.

How do you find more question-based topics? Platforms like Answer the Public or is perfect to see what people are searching for in your niche.

For example, if you run a food blog, check what kind of questions gave me:

answer the public

You can click on Data and will give you answers in a horizontal line, so you don’t tilt your head 😀

You can find questions, prepositions, comparisons, or related questions. Now you will have plenty of topics to write content about and optimize it for voice searches.

Make sure your website has an SSL certificate

This is REALLY important if you have to have any success getting more traffic from search engines. Google doesn’t show love to websites that are not switched to https://.

Write better headlines

This is really important if you want people to click more on your blog posts when they search on google, make sure to have catchy headlines.

Buzzfeed taught us that people will highly click on something like: “How I managed to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks” rather than clicking on How I lost weight in 3 weeks.

In the first sentence, you know exactly what you get and what results to expect.

Do not over-optimize!

I’ve seen this mistake so much in many many bloggers. They do not realize that they are writing content to real people, and not for the Google algorithm.

If your content is visited by real people, people will stay on your site and google algorithm will know that, and they will start to push it higher in the search engines.

It is the same for Youtube videos as well, if people watch your videos to the end, YouTube knows that and will push it more in suggested videos and higher in youtube searches.

Write content for people first, then optimize it for Google algorithm, really important to get search traffic.

4. Social Presence

Make sure you have a social presence with your website or blog, make sure to create a specific account for your website on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

You have a higher chance of going viral and more people reading or hearing about your website.

When people hear about your website and they like it, they can potentially talk on their own social media or link to your website from their own website. This is a natural link building and can increase your website authority as well.

Always make sure that you provide high-quality content on whatever platform you choose.

Quality -> Quantity is the way to go.

I would rather have 100 blog posts that offer nothing but value to readers than to have 1000 posts with no value and a low number of words count.

5. Update your Old Content

If you are blogging for a while, and you are only focused on new content, you are making a mistake.

Ignoring your old posts can result in losing ranking and search engines do love and favor fresh content, so make sure to update it from time to time.

Neil Patel, one of the most popular bloggers, has hired a team of writers that only update 90 posts each month.

And focus on writing long-form content, it will rank higher in the search engines and it will be more in-depth so it can be easily optimized for on-page SEO for blogging.

6. Link Building & Optimization

This is really important, whenever you try to link to some other blog or website, make sure that that link is no-follow.

It is the same for affiliate links, they all should be no follow so aren’t followed by search engine crawlers so it won’t affect your quality and index.

Always link to websites that are high authority and trustworthy. Links like Wikipedia, HuffPost, Forbes, etc.

Everything that looks spammy, Google will notice that and it may cause a drop or not performing at all in the search engines. This is one of the best SEO tips for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is SEO and blogging a dying industry?

No, I don’t believe it will ever be. It will get difficult for sure, but that’s why you need to choose a niche and try to get known as an expert so people can trust you more. Try to establish yourself as an expert on one topic, people will know about your website and you can get more traffic. Building a personal brand is a great idea as well, you can check it here.

What are SEO tactics?

If you want to have success on search engines, focus on the fast website, great mobile optimization and good interlinking. Once you start creating content you can update it from time to time, but that content, if it is ranked, can make you passive income.

What are the skills required for SEO?

Getting a new hosting, optimizing your website for speed can be time-consuming. If you don’t have an experience like this it is a great idea to hire someone. You can contact me if you need any help.

Is paying for SEO worth it?

This can be a huge gamble, but if you know what you are doing can be very beneficial. If you buy links just for the sake of it, Google is so smart and can notice that those links are super low quality and they are spammy links, you risk all the work you’ve done to get your website penalized. Don’t invest money in link building if you are just starting. Focus on building high-quality content and promoting it more on social media.

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That’s a proper quote for you to remember. It is the best-promoted content that wins. I’ve got a great step-by-step guide on starting a blog the right way. If you don’t have a blog and wanna start, follow that guide.

What are high-quality backlinks?

High-quality backlinks are websites or blogs with high authority. If you can get a backlink from Neil Patel or Forbes, Google knows that those websites do not link on poor quality websites.

One backlink from them is worth more than 1000 low-quality backlinks.

SEO Tips for Pinterest?

Pinterest grew so much over the years and women are killing it. You should check this guide on Pinterest and how it works.

It is important to use Tailwind to schedule your pins for each week and let the program do the work. It will minimize the time you spend publish as well.

People bring thousands of daily traffic using Pinterest.

How do I optimize my content for SEO?

Use Yoast SEO for blogging and cache plugin like WP-Rocket. I’ve got a nice blog post on how you can improve your loading speed even more.

It is on how to avoid installing heavy coded themes and plugins that require too much CPU from hosting, installing WP-Rocket will reduce the work web hosting needs to do! These are some of the greatest SEO tips to increase website traffic and rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Conclusion: Best 6 Seo Tips for you to Rank Higher on Google

If you implement these SEO tips your ranking on search engines will increase much more. These SEO Tips are really important if you want to have any success with free search engine traffic.

Ranking on Google and other search engines can be difficult, costly, and long. I’ve seen blog posts that rank in 6 months, rank in 24 hours or not rank at all. Make sure to stay positive and keep trusting the work you put in!

Let me know in the comments below if you need any help so I can keep updating this blog post on SEO tips.

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