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How to Monetize a Blog on WordPress [7 Best Proven Ways]

    One of the first questions every blogger asks when they start is how to monetize a blog on WordPress, and how much time it will take to make money with blogging.

    Firstly, making money with a blog on WordPress is not that hard, but you need to put some serious work before thinking about monetization. In this guide on how to monetize a blog on WordPress, I will reveal the best monetization techniques most bloggers use to make passive income.

    how to monetize a blog on wordpress

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    What is the best way to learn how to monetize a blog on WordPress?

    If you recently started a blog, right now you are looking at how you can make money blogging and start your online journey, and I believe that the easiest method is Affiliate Marketing. Why?

    You make content that is informational, and in your content, you only need to add a link to a specific affiliate offer that can benefit the reader. The second best way is through advertising. This means sign-up for Google Adsense and connecting your blog with them so they can show ads on it. Let’s start so I can give you better information about how to monetize a blog on WordPress.

    1. Monetize your blog with Affiliate Marketing

    By far the easiest method to generate some income with blogging. What affiliate marketing is when you promote other business products in exchange for a commission with no extra cost at your readers.

    Basically, you are helping a company to sell more products (digital or physical) and if you can bring them sales, they will give you a commission. If you think about it AirBNB or made over 200 million a year with affiliate marketing.

    When you are signing up on an affiliate network, they will give you a unique URL that you can promote, and anyone that buys something using that link will get commissions.

    The best commissions I’ve seen can go up to 90%, and sometimes companies will pay you more money than the sale because they have the customer’s email and can use it to upsell them later.

    How to find products to promote?

    Almost every niche online has companies that have affiliate offers. There are also a lot of marketplaces where you can find 100s of products that you can earn commissions from.

    Some marketplaces are ClickBank, JVzoo,, ShareASale. Many affiliates promote digital products from marketplaces like this.

    Another way to search affiliates in your niche is google, just type “your niche + affiliates”.

    You will find blog posts that have written articles about the commissions you can get from top to bottom. The problem is not finding affiliate offers, but bringing traffic to those offers.

    Best products to promote?

    You should promote products that you believe in, the products that have great reviews and your following gonna benefit them. May sound simple, but there are 100s if not 1000s of affiliate offers in the top 3 niches like health, wealth and dating.

    Choosing the right ones for your audience is crucial. Most affiliate marketers fail because not knowing how to bring traffic to their blog and choosing bad affiliate offers.

    How to promote them on your blog?

    You can promote them on your blog by writing content that can be informational to them.

    Example: How to lose weight for the summer, the Best method to lose weight for the summer, Top 10 Workouts to Lose Weight. This is something that you should write content about for your blog.

    Keywords that have How-To, Best, Top 10 are most likely what people will buyer intent search on Google.

    If someone searches for how to lose weight for the summer, most likely they are not in shape and struggle to lose weight. If you can write a great article for them that can help them with some tips, then in the end of the article you can recommend an affiliate product that helped over 20,000 people to get in shape for the summer.

    You give valuable content to the reader, plus you offer a great product that already helped over 20,000 people. If the reader purchased the product, you get paid a commission.

    Another way to make money with your blog is YouTube. How? If you already have a blog, then you most likely have social media accounts for it. I highly recommend YouTube to start promoting your content. But, if you don’t want to film yourself in a video, there is a much easier method you can do.

    content samurai

    There is a platform called ContentSamurai that will allow you to make videos from your content posted that is posted on your blog. It will create a video from your content where you can add sound, AI-voiceover or your own, and will generate the video in a couple of minutes. You can create videos for social media, article/blog post videos, sales videos, courses, etc.

    Usually, it took me 10 minutes to create a video with them. You can create a short video, upload on YouTube, embed it in your blog post, which is good for On-Page SEO. Click here to get a 7-Day FREE Trial.

    2. Advertisement

    Showing up to your blog is one of the easiest ways you can monetize your traffic. But, if you decide to monetize with ads and you are a beginner, the easiest way to bring traffic and make money is social media.

    Most bloggers that I know that have ads on their blog, usually have over 1,000 daily visits and can sign-up for platforms like MediaVine or they bring 90% of their traffic from Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram with informational content that most people on social media want to see.

    If you wanna show advertisements, make sure your loading speed on your blog is super fast, Hostwinds or SiteGround can migrate your blog from your current hosting site for free.

    blog seo speed

    I love Hostwinds, I manage to get 0.6s loading speed with their web hosting plans. If you wanna speed-up your blog, click here.

    If you plan to make money with advertisements, make sure you have a fast website, and you can start working heavily on promoting your content on Pinterest, YouTube, or Instagram.

    Another thing I would love to point out is that can distract the visitor from your content and hurt the user experience a bit. If you wanna learn more ways on how to make money without ads, click here.

    3. Selling E-Books or Courses


    Another step for you to learn how to monetize a blog on WordPress can be selling digital courses or ebooks.

    If you are quite popular and influential and already established trust as a personal brand in your niche, you can start making money with making course in your niche.

    For example, if you are in the weight-loss niche and you already lost 50 pounds, you can now create a course that will teach people how they can lose weight using your method. It is an honest way to make money that is providing huge value to your readers.

    Another example could be food blogging if you are good with recipes and cooking, you can create an online course for it.

    Also, you need to be in a small niche that later you can go broader. If you wanna start a food blog, then narrow it down to keto, vegan, or nutrition, once you get more visits, you can write content on broader topics.

    The hardest part of creating a course is that it takes a lot of time, you don’t post an affiliate link to an article, you need to work hard for a couple of months, to have a course worth up to $1000.

    4. Sponsored Content

    The fourth way in this guide on how to monetize a blog on WordPress is with sponsored content. If you are just starting a blog right now, most likely you don’t have that much traffic. To make money with sponsored content you need to be established as one of the best in your field.

    Sponsored content is when a person pays you to post their link or content in your blog or to make a sponsored video.

    If you wanna make money with sponsored content, you need to have a big following.

    I’ve seen bloggers charge 200$ for IG shoutout, 1500$ for a blog post, 500$ for a YouTube video promotion. Ever listened to a youtube video and heard, this is brought to you by…

    5. Hire Me

    hire me

    Do you know how to speed up a WordPress website? Do you have coding skills like Javascript or python? Are you a great graphic designer? Do you offer any kind of SEO services?

    You can do plenty of freelance work when you are first starting. Create a Hire Me page in your blog where people can find and buy your services. Maybe you can promote gigs that you have on Fiverr, SeoClerks or Upwork.

    Freelancing is more and more promoted now during the crazy things that is happening in the world.

    6. Patreon

    Do people really love your content and comment on every blog post of yours? Patreon is one of the best ways to make money by providing extra content to your most valuable readers.

    Patreon already has a WordPress donation plugin, so it is extremely easy to use. They would take 5-10% in fees for your income revenue, and they care for chargebacks for their platform.

    If you are in topics like makeup or cosmetics, 3D designing, graphic designing, art or comics, dating, fitness, most likely your readers will sign-up to see your content specifically made for Patreons.

    It usually costs 2-3$ per month for them, and the average income on Patreon is around $375-1575 per month, and I’ve seen other popular bloggers make up to $20,000 that are in art and design.

    7. Podcast

    More and more people love long-form content without ads like on the TV, and you can listen to it anytime without being in a rush to catch the TV.

    One of the best podcasts for blogging is smart passive income, you can check his website here. Pat Flynn has been in the industry for a long time, and make great podcasts with guests that bring a lot of value.

    Time to wrap things up, podcasting is already growing like crazy, and it is the final recommendation I have for this blog post on how to monetize a blog on WordPress.

    Conclusion: How to monetize a blog on WordPress

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    Making money from a blog requires you to be focused, and do not chase the new shiny object syndrome every time you watch a youtube video or read a blog post. I’ve had problems with this, I started multiple websites, created a private network and everything failed eventually because I wasn’t 100% focused on 1 thing.

    If you struggle with productivity and you procrastinate a lot, here are some simple blogging techniques that you can use to boost productivity.

    Focus on providing quality content, if some blog post needs attention for a couple of days, then do it.

    If you don’t have a blog yet, then check my complete guide on how to start a blog on WordPress. All it matters is focus and action. If you work on your blog daily, you will get results sooner or later. Make sure you promote your content because the best content promoted always wins.

    If you read this till the end, congrats, and hopefully, this blog post on how to monetize your blog on WordPress helped you get more ideas for monetizing.

    Note: RandomBoss content will always be free, if you purchase something using our links, we will earn a small commission at no extra cost for you, and you can even get a better deal or a free trial.

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